Hi, I’m Emma!

Along with my partner, Matt, we’re the faces behind Explora Australis.

We’re also keen overlanders.

We’re four-wheel drivers, campers, photographers, average cooks, adventurers, navigators, coffee-fiends and storytellers.

Explora Australis is a place for us to share itineraries, give advice, have a laugh (or a cry), and tell tales of our travels. But more than anything else, it’s a place for us to share our passion for exploring our wonderful country, one trip at a time.

Overlanding can encompass so many different things for different people. It can be camping on sandy dunes under a canopy of stars, navigating a slick clay track in an ancient rainforest, crossing dozens of rivers all in the name of adventure or traversing the outback in search of something more. It can be fixing vehicles or recovering them, with old friends or new. It can be grimey or glamorous, on four wheels or two, or no wheels at all.

No matter what it means to you, there’s one thing I think it makes us all feel.