About US

Hi! I’m Emma, and along with my partner, Matt, we’re the faces behind Explora Australis.

We’ve always had a great affinity for the outdoors, off-roading, camping and getting off the beaten track, and love nothing more than a weekend away to recharge and feel alive.

I have always loved cars, but get me underneath the bonnet and my knowledge is limited - that’s Matt’s area of expertise. Instead, I can tell you how they make me feel when we drive on a white sandy beach or through a thick rainforest. I can tell you how much I love that they let us see these wonderful places we’d otherwise never lay eyes on. 

Our dream is like that of many others: to do a lap of Australia... hell, I’d love to circumnavigate the globe. But for now, we use weekends – long or short – to get away, visiting places on our doorstep that we might have otherwise not discovered. We save our holidays and take one or two big trips a year, exploring an Australian destination we’ve always wanted to visit but had placed as a “one day”. 



Matt and I both love photography – he the technicalities of it, and me the ability to relive fleeting moments and capture beauty. For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed reading and creative writing – but I don't think I realised just how much I enjoyed storytelling until recent years. This blog is a creative output, a travel journal, and most importantly a way to (hopefully) inspire others to get out and see our beautiful country. 

With the name for the the Southern Lights being 'Aurora Australis' (a lot of people don't seem to know the Aurora Borealis has a cool southern cousin) and our love for adventure and exploring, Explora Australis seemed like the perfect mix.