Fraser Highlights Reel

The moment we departed Fraser and boarded the barge in January this year, I was already eager to return.

I've opened my photos a few times in the last few weeks, thinking I'll attempt to write a blog about Fraser, but it seems like such a task to do it all justice. I can't begin to describe the enormity of what it has to offer, with never-ending coastline, bush tracks, lakes and dingoes (oh my GOODNESS the dingoes!!). 

So for now I'm going to post the video I pieced together from random bits of footage we collected over our week there, and buy myself a little more time to show you just what an amazing place it is. Stay tuned!

Em x

Quick and rough highlights reel of our 5 day trip to Fraser Island! Perfect weather, plenty of swimming and ace company. - I do not own ANY of the soundtrack, property and rights for audio go to Michegas, for "With You".




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