The year that was

Travel can be hard. It can place enormous amounts of pressure on people, you have to problem solve and think on your feet, make sacrifices or negotiate. It can bring out the worst in some people, but it also brings out the best.

It’s been a fair while since Matt and I did a big trip, just the two of us. Over the last 5 years, probably 80% of the travel we’ve done has been with other couples, especially trips over a week in length.

Over the years we’ve had disagreements with people, put our feet in our mouths and sometimes we’ve needed a little space for an hour or two.

But no matter the trial, we’ve made lifelong friends.

We’ve worked through crises and came out stronger, had each others backs and lent a hand when someone needed it. We’ve learnt more about them than we ever would have otherwise, and as a result we’ve also learnt more about ourselves. We’ve borrowed tools and toothpaste, played pranks and shared meals. We’ve laughed - oh how we’ve laughed - and have so many of those wonderful private jokes we all cherish that add such a layer of depth to a friendship.

Travel is amazing, but people – people are what makes travel truly great. Whether it’s new friends or old, they enrich our journeys and for that we are forever grateful.

Our 2018 has been filled with travel and friendship, and for that my heart is full. I hope yours is too.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and new years.


Happy Travels, Em x

Brisbane-based lover of travel, off-roading, camping and photography.