Fraser’s Hidden Gem, Lake Birrabeen

Anyone who possesses an Instagram account will have seen photos of the picturesque shores of Lake McKenzie.

Stunning white sand and crystal clear water in what is arguably one of the best beach camping destinations in Queensland – Fraser Island. 

When we went to Fraser earlier this year, I couldn't wait for Lake McKenzie. And rightfully so! When we arrived it was exactly as described – stunning, huge, and with water at the perfect temperature to boot.

However, it was also fairly busy. I'm not talking 'Gold Coast shores' busy, but as one of the few swimming spots on an island that doesn't allow beach swimming (the exception being the Champagne Pools, of course), you can certainly imagine how many people flock to it's shores for a midday paddle. 

Enter Lake Birrabeen. On our last day at Fraser, having hit a lot of the 'must dos' we decided to venture a little further. Taking the track behind Eurong Village, we headed past Central Station and Lake McKenzie in the pursuit of what we had read could be a spot to rival some of Frasers best. 

We weren't disappointed.


We arrived fairly early at 9:30am, but when you're rising with the sun each morning it wasn't as though we'd gone out of our way to beat crowds.

We arrived to an empty carpark, not a single. other. soul. 

We couldn't jump in fast enough, it felt so special. This was our own personal slice of paradise. And it stayed that way until 11am, when another 4 people arrived. We left at midday for lunch, and at that stage we were sharing this slice of paradise with less than 10 people... on a SATURDAY ...on SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. 

Lake Birrabeen.

Lake Birrabeen.

Lake McKenzie, two days prior.

Lake McKenzie, two days prior.


If there's some sage words of advice for future Emma here, it's look at the maps, do some research, and if other people review something favourably - trust them!

You might just end up having the time of your life.


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